Perfect Ventilation

Natural ventilation is one of the most crucial aspects of our design. A well-ventilated home lowers indoor temperature owing to seamless air flow. At a Rohan home, you get cross-ventilated rooms with the round-the-clock breeze; ensuring good health and preventing moulding and rotting of furniture.

Lively Light

When your home is generously washed in friendly sunlight, you never have to switch on the lights during the day. That is to say, you’d be saving on electricity every day. Our engineers ensure no dark corners remain and If the light does not fall beyond 20 feet of the indoor space, an additional source of natural light is created.

Utmost Privacy

In a Laxmi home, no compromise is made on ensuring perfect privacy for its residents. Through carefully placed windows and masterfully planned layouts, neighbours are denied any direct view to our home. The main entrance opens into a lobby and not the living room, and windows open to landscaped greenery or other open spaces ensuring that our private life remains private.